BAS Research is California’s first licensed medical cannabis manufacturing and research group. They are innovators in developing advancements in medical cannabis products.



MUSE was challenged to create an overall umbrella brand that enabled BAS to establish credibility and trust within their target market as the delivery of pharmaceutical cannabis products. In addition, BAS wanted to provide a platform for the development of additional sub-brands that would allow BAS to service and expand into additional markets and services.


BAS requested that the brand portray industry leadership and reliability. They wanted their brand to show a company that is scientifically-driven and develops products using the best and purest ingredients.



Inspired by the innovative nature of BAS and their products, MUSE created a scientific, professional brand that evoked a sense of refinement and reliability. Utilizing classic scientific symbols, such as, the beaker and DNA ribbon, MUSE created an effortless visual identity that spanned across product collateral, web, etc.