Callegari is a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil imported from Spain and sold in the US.



Gourmet consumers don’t usually bring the bottle to the table. They use fancy olive oil dispensers and get rid of the bottle. We were challenged to bring a new perception to an olive oil bottle. Also, Callegari’s high purity levels could not be communicated due to the industry’s regulations. Callegari needed to differentiate its quality and aroma.



We designed and produced the bottle as a golden droplet, reminiscent of the unity and simplicity of Callegari. Standing upright, the bottle is beautiful and functional for the shelf, and tipped on its side, it becomes a centerpiece-worthy decanter for any table. Pour it from the decanter or spray it on your salad using the individual perfume vessel. Inspiration was drawn for the brand identity from the brightly colored, almost mosaic, Spanish tiles, as a representation of the Spanish rich soil. Callegari’s bottles were highly celebrated on acclaimed gourmet publications and blogs and can be found on distinguished retailers such as Dean and Deluca.