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RingCentral is an established leader in the UCaaS industry offering business communication tools which revolutionize the power of the cloud to help companies work smarter and more collaboratively. RingCentral's first-ever user conference, ConnectCentral, was charged with finding a compelling new way to engage and retain prospective and existing customers.



The conference took place during a time of category growth and competitive challenges from upstarts and established competitors. ConnectCentral played a key role in reestablishing the relevance and leadership of RingCentral in the UCaaS industry. The Conference needed to bring the brand promise to life for an audience of 400+. MUSE was engaged in crafting a compelling visual identity for ConnectCentral – reinforcing the many benefits of attending as well as the brand's category advantages and thought leadership. With many major initiatives moving on parallel, it was important the visual design systems for the Conference and the Brand Campaign worked harmoniously, while also ensuring some distinction for the Conference. The lack of a widely followed asset management system and large numbers of asset users meant MUSE needed to create easy to use systems and tools for RingCentral colleagues and partners to access and deploy the new visual identity system for the Conference.



First, MUSE created a fresh and energetic visual identity, which conveyed the brand promise as well as the promise of the User Conference. By leveraging the word "Connect" MUSE created a visual system emphasizing collaboration, communication and access to thought leadership content at the Conference. Additionally, MUSE created comprehensive design guidelines and tool kits, providing specific direction on usage and application of all assets. These creative guidelines for the Conference were used by internal teams at RingCentral as well as by outside vendors and business partners tasked with producing materials for the Conference. These tools ensured consistent application of all assets and a streamlined internal design and production process.

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