Marisol SA. is a major clothing company in Brazil, currently with industrial units in 3 Brazilian states. Founded in 1964, Marisol owns a myriad of brands including the children’s brand Lilica & Tigor, as well as, Mineral for children and young adults.



Muse was approached by Marisol to provide a complete brand redesign; this included an introduction of a brand character, or mascot for the Marisol brand. The brand is known for its comfortable, colorful and quality clothing, shoes and accessories for kids.



Muse adopted the new positioning that highlighted Marisol’s adventurous and relaxed qualities. Clothing that allows kids to be kids; not clothing that follows fashion trends sanctioned by adults.

With these principles in mind, our mission was to craft a character that embraces the playful curiosity of a child’s friend. After several tests, the chameleon was finally chosen due to its adaptive, fun, innovative and polychromatic qualities. As part of a on-going implementation, Muse has designed the product roll-out, as well as the 3D versions of the character.