RingCentral is an established leader in the UCaaS industry offering business communications tools which revolutionize the power of the cloud to help companies work smarter and more collaboratively.



RingCentral's competitive environment is increasingly dynamic and the brand needed to find compelling new ways to engage and retain prospective and
existing customers.



MUSE proposed a strategic leadership direction to think beyond the product, shifting the focus from a product-centric approach to a customer-centric approach. From this, the Brand Leadership/Customer Heroes campaign was born.  The campaign was developed with five customer heroes, highlighting company influencers at Cresa, Columbia University, Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center, Prosperworks and Box. MUSE was tasked with the creative development and broadcast production for each customer hero, showcasing authentic leadership stories, and how RingCentral’s business communications solutions have impacted the success of these SMB and Enterprise level companies, across a breadth of industries. After 30 days post launch of the Brand Heroes campaign, RingCentral reported a 180% increase in all KPIs for the website versus the same period the year prior. Those metrics included time on site, click through, persistence, inquiry, and number of pages visited.