Muse collaborated with the San Francisco Film Society to develop a design and theme-based visual identity for the 59th San Francisco Film Festival. After such success with the iconic stylized eye from the 58th Film Festival, we were challenged to create the strategy, design and implementation for the 2016 and 2017 festival.


The San Francisco Film Society wanted to convey their role in bridging the gap between the filmmakers and audience. Muse was inspired by the concept and designed a new identity with a logo that evokes the literal edge between the two, as well as, the edge between creativity and innovation.


The logo is tridimensional and illustrates a look into the future. Not only does the logo represent the projection on a main screen, but it also divulges what is behind the screen. This unique design exhibits the different perspectives involved in film through the medium of differing angles.


As a result, the logo received much acclaim from audiences and members of the San Francisco Film Society. Executive Director of the San Francisco Film Society, Noah Cowan stated such comments as, “The bold and declarative look and feel of the San Francisco International Film Festival’s new wordmark perfectly matches our ambitions in this marketplace and the national scene.”


For the 60th Anniversary in 2017, once again Muse partnered with SFFILM to produce the new campaign to engage audiences and the community of film lovers.

The campaign has been deployed in both traditional and digital formats, culminating with a video to be shown before every screening. The video give the community the opportunity to tell their own stories through memorable movie moments.