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SkyDeck is UC Berkeley’s premier startup accelerator. SkyDeck needed to create greater positive awareness among VC and entrepreneurs alike. Critical to this objective was the need to articulate a compelling brand position for SkyDeck and expressing that position across all marketing touchpoints—driving relevance across the different audience segments.



MUSE was challenged to develop a refreshed brand position and platform that would elevate awareness, participation, and investment in SkyDeck. In addition to a brand refreshment, Skydeck requested MUSE to provide a strategic framework from which all marketing communications would emanate; ultimately, creating a rally cry that would galvanize the SkyDeck community and incite interest among a broader entrepreneurial community around the Bay Area and eventually worldwide.




MUSE founded the brand position on three main pillars—community, opportunity, velocity. These pillars ladder up to the concept of trajectory, which became the inspiration behind the brand refresh. 

Utilizing the Berkeley colors of blue and gold, MUSE combined their colors with stunning images of the night sky and lifestyle shots of current SkyDeck entrepreneurs. This visual system was implemented across a myriad of SkyDeck materials, such as, brochures, posters, banners, etc.

Skydeck_ poster-frame
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